‘Lucky dip’ process too casual for hearing critical submissions on Fast Track approvals bill

Te Pāti Māori is showing extreme concern over the Environment Select Committees adoption of a lucky dip draw to determine hearings for the Fast Track Approvals bill.

Of the 27,000 submissions, 2,900 requested to present. All organisations will be heard; however, the remaining 2,350 submitters will be subject to a random draw for one of 550 presenting slots.

“Te Pāti Māori is disappointed that submissions on the governments Fast Track Approvals bill will be subject to a lucky-dip,” said co-leader, Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.

“It is way too casual for such a critical moment in the legislative process when it comes to a bill that could have devastating effects on our communities for nothing but profit.

“Our whānau have put so much time and effort into their submissions. More than 1,400 used our templates socialised across our platforms. People have an expectation that they will turn-up and speak to their submission.


“It is vital that a fair, balanced and just process be endured to ensure we hear a range of voices and views.

“Aspects like the unique impact of this legislation, and general position needed to be considered to ensure balance in the submissions that will be heard.

“What we have seen from the submissions, from the rallying of iwi like Ngāti Toa and from the collective effort of our communities is that this kaupapa means so much for Māori.”

Co-leader Rawiri Waititi said whānau Māori have made their views clear over a kaupapa that means so much.

“Māori have and are more than ready to stand-up and tell the government ‘kao’. It is our kaitiaki responsibility over our taiao to do so,”

"We will not allow this Govt to use the lives of Māori as a raffle. Our people and taiao deserve more than a 'lucky dip'.

"Our taiao should not be in the hands of a govt with a three-year mandate, when these decisions have a hundred-year impact.

“Te Pāti Māori will ensure that we do what we must to allow our people to be heard. If that means setting up our own forum, so be it.