Donna Pokere-Phillips

Donna Pokere-Phillips ~ Hauraki-Waikato

Donna brings both passion and vision for Māori communities and individuals. While living in the Waikato and parenting her five children, Donna gained both an LLB and LLM from Waikato University. With a background in law and advocacy, she has been at the heart of her community’s needs. Donna brings both a constructive and insightful grasp of what is required to bring long term health and wellbeing. She has a keen interest and understanding of policy areas which will bring the most effective and lasting benefits. With one eye on legislation and the other on her people, she strives for results in key areas of health, housing affordability and reducing inequality.

“As a mother and nana, I have never been afraid of standing up to those who would want to block Māori progress,”

“I want my mokos to have all the opportunities in the world. That is my driver and that’s what I stand for and what I truly believe the Māori Party can deliver for our people.”

“Together we can make a difference, together we can drive policy and strategic thinking. Together we will lead our own oranga, together we will be part of the Māori recovery by you voting for Māori. Make it Māori Mana Motuhake, Make it Happen!”

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