Māori-Party Welcomes COVID-19 Support Package

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The Maori Party welcomes the support package announced by the government today, and says it will go some way to supporting whānau impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Media Statement: The Māori Party - Tuesday, 17 March 2020

“We welcome the announcements today which will provide relief to the many workers, businesses and whānau impacted by the pandemic.”

“We urge the government to also increase investment into Whānau Ora, which is already on the ground, providing critical support to whānau and families impacted by this crisis.”

“We know that with the loss of jobs comes many other impacts across the social, health and environmental spectrum. Whānau Ora deals to it all, which is why it is a vital service, not just for Maori but for all New Zealanders.”

“Now is the time to lean in and support our whānau. The Maori Party believes Whānau Ora is critical to unleashing the resilience in our communities, and would further ensure that those whānau in the most vulnerable jobs, are being taken care of.”

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