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Free Kanaky, Free Te Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa preview image
Select Committee Hearings Prove Racist Motives Behind Govt Removal of Māori Wards.    preview image
Te Pāti Māori President responds to baseless allegations preview image

Te Pāti Māori President responds to baseless allegations

Te Pāti Māori President responds to baseless allegations - Click to read more
06 Jun 2024
The recent attacks on Te Pāti Māori and its MP’s are part of a continuing narrative of attack on all matters Māori. If we could respond to baseless inuendo we would. If there is any evidence then show us so we have a reason to engage in a conversation. The fact of the matter is, as usual Māori are being used as a scapegoat to cover up and deflect from what is really going on in this country. This Coalition Government has been brought hook, line and sinker by cigarette and tobacco barons; by pharmaceutical barons; by landlords and by mining barons through fast tracked legislation and more importantly, it continues its constant attack on all matters Māori all of the time. The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister has advised France that when dealing with New Caledonia issues they must be aware of the indigenous Kanak rights of self-determination. Yet he has the audacity to deny his own whakapapa and his own people the same discussion in Aotearoa. The only activist party in our political landscape is Te Pāti Māori. We are the only Pāti that will unapologetically speak our truth. We make absolutely no apology for ensuring that we will overturn every piece of legislation when we form part of a new Government. So the message to rich landlords (me being one of them) is you will pay your fair dues when we take power.
Petition launched to save Māori babies and their right to be with whakapapa preview image
‘Lucky dip’ process too casual for hearing critical submissions on Fast Track approvals bill preview image
Gaza: Aotearoa Must Support Independent Investigation into Mass Graves  preview image
Another ‘Stolen Generation’ enabled by court ruling on Waitangi Tribunal summons preview image
Ferris - Three Strikes targets those ‘too brown to be white’ preview image
Oranga Tamariki cuts commit tamariki to state abuse  preview image
Te Pāti Māori to visit Queensland to strengthen ties with Māori in Australia preview image
Waititi writes to parties asking them to support removal of GST from food preview image
We Will Never Back Down on Seabed Mining     preview image
Govt commits Māori to a premature death with axing of health authority, smokefree laws preview image
Te Pāti Māori request urgent debate to stop dictatorship government preview image
Members bill to remove GST from kai, pulled from ballot preview image
Over-promising government under delivering for Aotearoa    preview image
Te Pāti Māori Stands with Workers preview image
Māori will die to fund tax cuts preview image
Luxon’s Government will whitewash Aotearoa preview image
Te Pāti Māori call for Foreign Affairs CEO to be sacked   preview image
Aotearoa Must cut Ties with War Criminals  preview image
Te Pāti Māori celebrate most successful election result in history  preview image
Te Pāti Māori Statement on Gaza preview image
Te Pāti Māori are demanding that the NZ Government expel the Israeli ambassador if there is no immediate ceasefire, humanitarian aid preview image
Rawiri Waititi in Cambridge Union Debate on the Commonwealth preview image
Change to Therapeutic Products Bill a huge win for Māori preview image
Tākuta Ferris to stand in Te Tai Tonga preview image
Expressions of Interest for Candidates for the 2023 General Election preview image

Expressions of Interest for Candidates for the 2023 General Election

Expressions of Interest for Candidates for the 2023 General Election - Click to read more
01 Nov 2022
KEI TE KIMI KAITONO A TE PĀTI MĀORI Tēnā Koutou Katoa, Kei te kimi Te Pāti Māori i ētahi kaitono mō te rohe pōti o Tāmaki Makaurau, o Hauraki-Waikato me Te Tai Tonga kia tū mō ngā kōwhiringa pōti-a-motu e heke mai ana a te tau 2023. He āheinga tēnei mō tētahi Māori ki te whakawaha i ngā hiahia o te iwi Māori e noho ana ki Tāmaki Makaurau, ki Hauraki-Waikato, ki Te Tai Tonga anō hoki. Anei ngā paearu mō ngā kaitono: Me whakapapa Māori Me noho kainga ki roto o Tāmaki Makaurau, ki roto o Hauraki-Waikato, ki roto o Te Tai Tonga. Me mema koe mō Te Pāti Māori Me kaha tautoko i ngā Kaupapa here me ngā whakataunga o Te Pāti Māori Mehemea he aronga nui tēnei mōhou, tēnā, tukuna mai kia rua ngā rewherī me tōu tātai pūmanawa ki: Te Hekeretari o Te Pāti Māori [email protected] Ka kati ngā tono a te 30 Noema 2022   TE PĀTI MĀORI SEEKING EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Tēnā Koutou Katoa, Te Pāti Māori is seeking expressions of interest for a candidate for the Tāmaki Makaurau, Hauraki-Waikato and Te Tai Tonga electorates and candidates for Te Pāti Māori list MP’s.  The successful applicant will stand in Tāmaki Makaurau, Hauraki-Waikato and Te Tai Tonga for the 2023 General Election. This is an opportunity for a talented Māori leader to represent Te Pāti Māori at a national level.  Key requirements for applicants: Applicants must demonstrate Māori Whakapapa. Applicants must live in the Tāmaki Makaurau, Hauraki-Waikato or Tai Tonga electorate. Applicants must be paid members of Te Pāti Māori. Applicants must proactively support all Te Pāti Māori policies and positional statements. Please submit your profile / CV including 2 referees to: Party Secretary, Te Pāti Māori [email protected] Applications close 30th November 2022
Make Maori Health Authority & Health NZ CEO's Co Director-Generals of Health preview image

Make Maori Health Authority & Health NZ CEO's Co Director-Generals of Health

Make Maori Health Authority & Health NZ CEO's Co Director-Generals of Health - Click to read more
07 Apr 2022
GOVT Has Unique Opportunity to Appoint New MOH Boss Te Pāti Māori Co-leader and Health spokesperson Debbie Ngarewa-Packer is calling on the Government to use the unique opportunity of Dr Ashley Bloomfield’s resignation to recognise the new chief executives of the Māori Health Authority and Health NZ as Co Director-Generals of Health. “The truth is that the health system fails Māori. The absolute failure of the Crown over decades in ensuring Māori equality of access and outcome is best evidenced in the health portfolio,“ said Ngarewa-Packer. “With the establishment of the Māori Health Authority a new era in Māori health is arriving. It’s crucial that this is done right, and there is no other way of guaranteeing that then letting Māori lead. We must not have a situation where the Māori Health Authority can be vetoed or underfunded by Pākehā bureaucrats. “Riana Manuel and Fepulea'i Margie Apa have been appointed as chief executives of the Māori Health Authority and Health NZ. We are calling for the legislation to be restructured so that they are recognised as Co Director-Generals of Health. “Government has already been through a process and appointed these two fabulous leaders. With Dr Bloomfield resigning, what better opportunity to elevate them into the top job. “COVID-19 and the mental health crisis have highlighted just how important it is that we have Māori leadership at the most senior levels of our health system. We need a system that understand us and is responsive to our needs, not a system that refuses to share power and resources,” said Ngarewa-Packer.
Te Pāti Māori file for divorce from the Crown preview image

Te Pāti Māori file for divorce from the Crown

Te Pāti Māori file for divorce from the Crown - Click to read more
06 Feb 2022
Te Pāti Māori are calling to remove the British royal family as head of state, and move Aotearoa to a Te Tiriti o Waitangi based nation. “The only way this nation can work is when Māori assert their rights to self-management, self-determination, and self-governance over all our domains. Our vision is for constitutional transformation that restores the tino rangatiratanga of tangata whenua in this country” says Te Pāti Māori co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer. “If you look at our founding covenant as a marriage between tangata whenua and the Crown, then Te Tiriti is the child of that marriage. It’s time tangata whenua to take full custody of Te Tiriti o Waitangi from the Crown” says co-leader Rawiri Waititi “This won’t mean the Crown is off the hook. If a couple gets divorced, you don’t lose responsibility for your child. This will be an opportunity to reimagine a more meaningful and fulfilling partnership, between Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti. “Our Mana Motuhake policy is a revolutionary plan that sets out how this can be achieved. This would include establishing a Māori Parliament and implementing all Matike Mai recommendations for constitutional transformation. We would also overhaul the Treaty Settlement process and return land to whānau, hapū and iwi” says Ngarewa-Packer. “Te Tiriti is the foundation of a living, evolving relationship between tangata whenua and the Crown. ‘Full and final’ settlements is not what Te Tiriti is about – Te Tiriti was signed BEFORE it was breached. Tangata whenua had tino rangatiratanga BEFORE the Te Tiriti o Waitangi. “We are here to be an unapologetic voice for a Te Tiriti-centric Aotearoa. To rebalance the scales of power in a Aotearoa and realise the partnership that was envisaged by our tupuna, tangata whenua and tangata Tiriti, in Te Tiriti o Waitangi” says Waititi. “There is an new generation of tangata whenua and Tangata Tiriti who recognise that being forced to work within the system does not suit our struggle for mana motuhake. We are here to dismantle this system” says Waititi.
GOVT Must compensate Artists, Musicians & Creatives immediately preview image

GOVT Must compensate Artists, Musicians & Creatives immediately

GOVT Must compensate Artists, Musicians & Creatives immediately - Click to read more
28 Jan 2022
Te Pāti Māori Co-Leader Rawiri Waititi has come out swinging against the Government’s lack of response for our creative, arts and music industry in light of the recent red light setting that has seen all summer festivals and large gatherings cancelled. “The Government has used and abused our artists, musicians and creatives by using them to front vaccination campaigns for the purpose of participation at summer festivals, only to leave them out to dry by cancelling those festivals without a back up plan to cover the loss they suffer as a consequence,” said Waititi “Our musicians, creatives and artists, acting in good faith with the Government the entire time, have been repayed by having their livelihood stripped away from right under their feet within 24 hours and without any adequate support in place. It’s incredibly demoralising and highlights the value the Government places on the industry. “The Government must act immediately by making relief funds available for our artists and creatives who have lost work due to thet move to Red Light settings,” said Waititi Cilla Ruha, Creative Navigator/Māori Music Manager – InDigiNation Music says “It’s disheartening to see that the Government has leveraged the influential might of artists, creatives and musicians to roll out an entire vaccination campaign over summer, only to leave many without the means to feed their whanau following the cancellation of festivals. This callous inaction is the antithesis of the care for community artists have exhibited so bravely to date, to completely loose their trust at this juncture would be catastophic” Similarly, Ria Hall, singer and songwriter, states that “On the basis that our industry and sub sets of the wider live performance and arts industry have been compliant and patient; we are double vaccinated and have participated in Government-led campaigns to encourage vaccination based on festivals over summer as an incentive; the lack of response nearly a week since the announcement is unacceptable” “The high uptake of vaccination rates among Rangatahi can be attributed to our musicians and artists who participated in Government led campaigns to increase vaccination uptake to attend summer festivals,” said Waititi “In times of desperation and celebration, it is the work of our artists and creatives in Aotearoa that people turn to for inspiration and hope. Their collective influence across the world far outweighs the influence of any political party and that must be recognised. “For Tangata Whenua, their influence is even more powerful because our Māori creatives are the protectors and projectors of our indigenous voice. They are our academics and are an integral part of the fabric that makes our country Aotearoa,” said Waititi.


11 Oct 2021
Te Pāti Māori today met with the Māori King Tūheitia and Māori leaders across the motu to agree on a unified approach to ensure the survival of Māori as the reality of COVID hitting our communities is imminent. “We are now in survival mode and we are calling on the Government to move Auckland into Level 4 and the rest of the North Island into Level 3 immediately until Māori are 95% vaccinated. Failure to do so is committing our people to death by COVID” says te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi. “The Government are too noisy. They need to get out of the road and resource localised, whānau-led responses and they also need to resource our messengers and our messages. “The reality is that the Government has failed to deliver to Māori. They have failed to uphold their responsibility to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. And now we are on the brink of a catastrophe that none of us are prepared or resourced for simply because they won’t hand over power” says Mr Waititi. “At every stage of this pandemic, the Government has ignored the advice of our Maori experts. They have left us out to dry. Their elimination strategy only focuses on the general population. Their vaccination strategy only focuses on the general population. None of which commits to the survival of the indigenous people of this country” says co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer. “Maori are now presenting over half of daily cases. We need to be placed back into a level that will break the circuit of this outbreak for Māori. “If the Government is prepared to open the borders as soon as our country is 90% vaccinated, they are willingly holding Māori up to be the sacrificial lambs. It is a modern form genocide” says Mrs Ngarewa-Packer. “How many Māori deaths are the crown prepared to live with? One is too many for us” says Rawiri Waititi.  
Government continuing to target Marae preview image

Government continuing to target Marae

Government continuing to target Marae - Click to read more
27 Aug 2021
Te Paati Māori Co-leaders Rawiri Waititi and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer are again calling on the Government to remove powers that allow for warrantless searches of marae within the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 and Water Services Bill.“It is disgraceful that yesterday the Government continued the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act for another year, without removing powers for officers to enter marae without a warrant,” said Mr Waititi.“I spoke in the House about how in 2020 when this legislation was first introduced, there was a huge backlash from our people. Labour said they were amending it to remove this provision. However the power to enter marae without warrant still explicitly exists within the law.“Labour’s Māori caucus needs to show leadership and use their positions to end this legislative attack on our marae – it’s what our people expect,” said Mr Waititi.“We are also seeing this exact same thing with the Water Services Bill, which also allows for warrantless searches of marae. It is currently before select committee and a huge number of Māori groups have submitted in opposition to this attack on our rights,” said Mrs Ngarewa-Packer.“That Bill is in response to drinking water quality failures from Crown agencies in a predominantly Pākehā community – it is unacceptable to use that as a premise for regulating private marae and giving the state powers to enter and search without warrant.“The Government seems determined to give itself new extraordinary legal powers to enter and search marae. Let’s be 100 per cent clear, this is an outrageous breach of Te Tiriti o Waitangi that will never be accepted by tangata whenua,” said Mrs Ngarewa-Packer
Te Pāti Māori applauds Health Reform preview image

Te Pāti Māori applauds Health Reform

Te Pāti Māori applauds Health Reform - Click to read more
27 Aug 2021
Te Pāti Māori Co-Leaders Rawiri Waititi and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer congratulate Minister Little and Minister Henare on what was a major transformational announcement for health reform in Aotearoa this morning.“This is a once in a life time opportunity to transform our health system. It is courageous and a move in the right direction” said Waititi.“We applaud the admission that the current system no longer serves our needs and we also applaud the intention to address inequities and living up to the vision of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.”“As always, when it comes to Māori, the devil is in the detail and so we will be keeping a close eye on how this structure impacts our people on the ground” said Waititi“Our job over the next two and half years will be to keep the government accountable to their commitments, particularly as they relate to the legislative powers of the Māori Health Authority and their commitment to reinforcing the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi” said Ngarewa-Packer“We campaigned heavily on the establishment of a Māori Health Authority that was completely independent.“We want to acknowledge the blood, sweat and tears of our many whānau, Iwi and Māori organisations who advocated fiercely for this model – today is their day” said Ngarewa-Packer“Finally, we would like to congratulate Whānau Ora, who have provided the bed rock foundation for what this new system looks like in terms of its commissioning model 
Speaker's Ruling Misses the Point preview image

Speaker's Ruling Misses the Point

Speaker's Ruling Misses the Point - Click to read more
27 Aug 2021
Te Pati Maori Co-Leaders have responded to the Speaker’s ruling on racial debates stating that he has missed the point altogether.“We are demanding for racist rhetoric to stop. Yesterday’s ruling still permits racist rhetoric to continue in the House and asserts that we can call a policy or a view racist but not a person, when we know racist policies are written by racist people” said Rawiri Waititi“Whilst we acknowledge that Parliament is a place for the robust contest of ideas, we draw the line when the Leader of the largest opposition party uses commentary like stealth and Maori, apartheid and Maori, separatism and Maori to negatively frame our indigenous rights. This is when a robust debate becomes a racist one because it targets only one group of people”“The Speaker’s ruling continues upholds the racist rhetoric within the institution of Parliament and serves only to diminish and invalidate the very real experience of racism that Tangata Whenua experience everyday” said Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.“Racist rhetoric is dangerous to Tangata Whenua and any person allowing racist rhetoric to flourish is a dangerous person.“What we see here is yet another attempt to silence Maori whilst protecting the voice of racism in the house. The ruling protects the system and it’s not good enough. We want to change the system” said Waititi“We have an unapologetic generation of Maori who recognise that being forced to work within the system no longer suits our plight for mana motuhake. That is what we are here to do; dismantle the system and create our own” said Waititi“The debate in the House yesterday shows there is an appetite from some MP’s to intervene at a systemic level and we appreciate the support we received yesterday by the few of our Maori colleagues and Tangata Tiriti but the silence on this issue from the rest of our Māori colleagues is deafening and our mokopuna need them to speak up” said Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.
Tahua Pūtea: Budget 2021 preview image

Tahua Pūtea: Budget 2021

Tahua Pūtea: Budget 2021 - Click to read more
27 Aug 2021
The Maori Party are cautiously optimistic about the announcement of the Wellebing Budget today.“We acknowledge the work that has gone into the development of this budget, particularly the effort by our Māori Ministers which has seen one of the most significant increases into the Māori economy” said Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.“Our unapologetic voice in Opposition has given Māori in Government the kaha to fight for more and this budget is a reflection of that”“Its the first time we have seen a budget that has accepted a need to take a targeted approach rather than a universal one”“In the bigger scheme of things, this budget presents a significant win for Māori, the fact that it is such a great budget is the very problem because we are building from a shockingly low baseline” said Ngarewa-Packer.“Whilst we see this Recovery budget as a step in the right direction for Māori, we remain cautious. The big question is who will be responsible for the delivery of these initiatives? said Rawiri Waititi.“More money is not always the answer. We seek for our people to be at the decision making table with regard to resource allocation rather than being the recipient of. These are our rights under Te Tiriti o Waitangi”“The key is to not allow ourselves to become intoxicated by the euphoria of the million dollar signs and look at the gains from a perspective of proportionality”“Last year Māori received 0.3% of the budget for by Māori to Māori approaches. This budget announcement sees an increase of 0.07% to 0.37% going to Maori."“The Maori Health Authority has received $240 million, which also equates 0.3% of the total Health budget so it is a more sobering view when you look at it from this perspective” said Waititi.“We are particlularly puzzled that Whānau Ora received no additional funding, given that the Minister is on record saying it is the highest performing portfolio in government” said Ngarewa-Packer“Te Tiriti o Waitangi demands that Tangata Whenua secure 50% of all the resource and decision making power. Equality demands that Tangata Whenua secure 16% of all the resource and decision making power. Equity demands that Tangata Whenua secure 25% of the lions share” said Waititi.“On every level of those indicators, we fall short”“Whilst this budget is a significant move in the right direction, we will continue to apply pressure, to keep the government accountable, to end disparity, poverty and environmental destruction. “
Te Pāti Māori  lay complaint against Police preview image

Te Pāti Māori lay complaint against Police

Te Pāti Māori lay complaint against Police - Click to read more
27 Aug 2021
Today Te Pāti Māori lodged an official complaint to the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) on the basis of their failure to adequately respond to or investigate a threat and hate crime targeting Te Pāti Māori Co-Leaders Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and Rawiri Waititi and te iwi Māori.This complaint comes off the back of a YouTube video, which has since been taken down, that makes specific threats towards Te Pāti Māori and Māori people in general. A transcription of the video includes the following statements;“These maori elite are going to cause a civil war like none before and they will be slaughtered by the thousands.“I research, I train, I know how to kill, I know how to shoot, give me 10,000 men, 2 weeks and ill have you a fuken army that will slaughter the mother fuckers like you’ve never seen before.“The first time you will know something has happened is when you try to leave your house and its locked from the outside and theres flames all around ur house and your gonna die in your house. This will be the first instant maori will realise something terribly wrong going on. 150 marae hit in one night around the country by white brave patriot men. Once you remove their history, they don’t have a history to fuken defend...”“We are more than disappointed by the lack of Police response to our complaint. Communication and response time was inadequate, the police have continued to minimise the nature of the threat against us and our people” said Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.“We were sent from pillar to post as we tried to understand who was in charge of the case and nobody could give us a straight answer.“We lodged a complaint on Monday 24th May as soon as we were made aware of the video. We didn’t hear back from the police until Wednesday 26th and that was the only time we heard from them until we started to raise questions about what was being done.“We then look at the way in which Simeon Brown’s case has been handled. A Pākehā MP, who ends up with what looks like the full weight of the police force urgently responding to the threats made against him by a Māori.“We understand the perpetrator of the video threat against us is a white supremacist who admitted to the creating and uploading the video. He was spoken to but not seen as a threat due to mental health issues.“In Simeon Brown’ case on the other hand, we understand that two Māori have already appeared in court and charged for threatening to kill. It reeks of racial injustice and white privilege,” said Mrs Ngarewa-Packer.“When racist rhetoric is allowed to occur in the highest house in this country, it breeds contempt by those who share similar values. It emboldens and mobilises right wing extremists,” said Rawiri Waititi.“We are experiencing heightened levels of hate speech and harassment by white supremacists, targeted at us and about us. This has increased significantly since Judith Collins started on her apartheid warpath.“We fear more for the retaliation from our people. They are becoming hoha of the racist rhetoric and I know for a fact that any sort of retaliation from my people will only hurt them because the system is designed to discriminate against us.“As we move closer to our Aotearoa hou, we can only expect this rhetoric to increase and it is absolutely the responsibility of the Government and its Ministries to ensure the protection of its indigenous peoples by adopting policy, systems and processes that eliminate the ability for hate speech and violence to occur,” said Mr Waititi.
Te Pāti Māori welcomes and supports ‘Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill’ preview image
Te Pāti Māori: Call to remove barriers for Māori voting preview image

Te Pāti Māori: Call to remove barriers for Māori voting

Te Pāti Māori: Call to remove barriers for Māori voting - Click to read more
04 Aug 2021
The Ministry of Justice have called for public submissions as they consider whether the timing and frequency of the Māori Electoral Option should be changed. Te Pāti Māori today made their submission to the Ministry of Justice and was centered on three points; that Māori should be able to change roles at any time, that Māori should be automatically enrolled onto the Māori roll and that electorate boundaries must be reassessed regularly. Co-Leader of the Party, Rawiri Waititi said he was “deeply concerned about the nature in which this consultation process has occurred. Nobody knew about it, we didn’t know when it went up and submissions close this Friday” “We are hugely disappointed about the lack of publicity around this and it is entirely indicative of the crown wanting to uphold a system that limits our right to vote” “The scope of the consultation is also very narrow and fails to reflect the gravity of the reform necessary” said Waititi. “The electoral commission have been recommending since 2017 that Māori voters should be able to change roll type at any time and nothing has been done” “The current electoral law is one of the most racist laws this country has. It was designed purposefully to prevent Māori from participating fully in the democratic process” “This is now our opportunity to remove the barriers in place that continue to silence us. This is our opportunity to make changes to the current system so that our right to participate in our country’s democracy is being recognised” said Waititi. [ENDS] Media Contact: Jade Gifford 0279489214  
Te Pāti Māori welcomes the announcement of ‘Ban Conversion Therapy’ Bill 🏳️‍🌈 preview image

Te Pāti Māori welcomes the announcement of ‘Ban Conversion Therapy’ Bill 🏳️‍🌈

Te Pāti Māori welcomes the announcement of ‘Ban Conversion Therapy’ Bill 🏳️‍🌈 - Click to read more
30 Jul 2021
Today the government has announced the proposed legislation to prohibit conversion practices, which confirms the intention to ban conversion therapy in Aotearoa.“Te Paati Māori whole heartedly support and welcome this much needed and overdue announcement. We will always support whānau to be who they are, and conversion therapy, which tries to stop takatāpui from being who they are, has no place in Aotearoa.“Te Ao Maori has always celebrated our diverse gender and sexual identities. It was colonisation that started criminalising and oppressing people for being who they are, turning us against our own whānau” said Te Pāti Māori co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.“Banning conversion therapy is a necessary step in addressing the larger issue of the dire state of our mental health system in Aotearoa. Many of our mental health services are rooted in harmful colonial values that hurt our people, especially our Takatāpui whānau.“We oppose any and all harmful colonial practices that serve to assimilate our people rather than heal, and cause our whānau to feel shame and guilt for being who they are. This is a momentous bill which puts us one step closer to an Aotearoa hou, where tangata whenua and tangata tiriti feel empowered and proud” said co-leader Rawiri Waititi.“We acknowledge the work of Minister Faafoi for this kaupapa, and we encourage the government to go further in implementing legislative changes which support the rights and aspirations of takatāpui and the LGBTQI+ community” said Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.We are sending a big mihi to all of the grassroots organisers and roopu who have been fighting hard and doing the mahi to make this change happen
Inciting racial disharmony charge landmark decision in future race relations preview image

Inciting racial disharmony charge landmark decision in future race relations

Inciting racial disharmony charge landmark decision in future race relations - Click to read more
21 Jul 2021
The perpetrator of threats against Maori and Maori Party Co-Leaders, Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and Rawiri Waititi has been charged with Inciting Racial Disharmony; under the Human Rights Act 1993 which carries a maximum penalty of three months’ imprisonment, or a fine of $7000. This charge is in addition to the charge of knowingly making an objectionable publication – under the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993 which carries a maximum penalty of 14 years’ imprisonment. “We are pleased with the charge and expected nothing less. The charge of inciting racial disharmony is incredibly important because it is rare and only sanctioned by the Attorney General, but also because this decision has set a precedent for human rights breaches and hate speech by white extremists moving forward.” says co-leader Rawiri Waititi. “The crown has sent a clear message that hate speech and inciting racial disharmony will not be tolerated and we expect these messages to be reflected in the review of hate speech laws” said Mr Waititi. “This ruling is a reflection of a slowly but surely maturing Aotearoa that threatens the very existence of white supremacy and our people are prepared to activate” says Te Pāti Māori co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer. “We consider this ruling as win for Maori, and a win for our whanaunga from other whenua who have been subjected to racial violence and hate speech such as this. This ruling is a landmark decision in the future of race relations in Aotearoa. “Had we not put pressure on the Police and the Crown, we would not have seen an outcome like this. It goes to show the might of indigenous power” said Debbie Ngarewa-Packer. [ENDS] Media contact:Jade Gifford. 027 948 9214  
Te Pāti Māori call for a review into Oranga Tamariki protection protocol and youth residence culture preview image

Te Pāti Māori call for a review into Oranga Tamariki protection protocol and youth residence culture

Te Pāti Māori call for a review into Oranga Tamariki protection protocol and youth residence culture - Click to read more
30 Jun 2021
Te Pāti Māori are calling for a review on Oranga Tamariki’s Child Protection Protocol and the culture at their youth residences, after a whistle blower video revealed physical abuse against children in state care by Oranga Tamariki staff members. “I feel huge aroha for our tamariki who are already traumatised and clearly still at risk of abuse and humiliation in state care. Many of these tamariki have come from backgrounds where violence and abuse is normal. These are the most vulnerable people in the country” said Te Pāti Māori co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer. “Why did it take this case going to media for the Child Protection Protocol to be triggered? What we’re hearing is that the protocol hasn’t been reviewed or changed for years. “There is clearly a broken culture within youth residences, that workers think its acceptable to use force with children and not focus on de-escalation – that’s what happens when youth workers are being used to make up for the lack of trained and experienced social workers and poor staff retention in residences. “We expect the same level of care from Oranga Tamariki staff as they do for parents in the community. If anyone else behaved this way, Oranga Tamariki would be taking their children from them. This is absolutely shameful behaviour. “I am fearful for the children in state care right now who do not have a whistle blower looking out for them. The fact that someone had to risk their job and safety to bring this to light is terrifying.” “We need assurance from the Minister that the abuse and trauma of tamariki in state care will stop immediately. How will you ensure that all of your staff are adequately trained and qualified to be caring for vulnerable tamariki? How will you ensure that not one more of our mokopuna are abused in your care?” “We have heard the harrowing stories of survivors who have been abused in state care. We have given far too many chances to a Pākehā agency that has not only failed in its duty to care and protect our mokopuna, but is responsible for inflicting intergenerational trauma. Enough is enough” said Ngarewa-Packer. [ENDS] Media contact:Himiona Grace, 021 861 051 Authorised by Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, Parliament Buildings, Wellington
Te Pāti Māori to receive ‘Dawn Raids’ Petition on Parliament steps at 1pm preview image

Te Pāti Māori to receive ‘Dawn Raids’ Petition on Parliament steps at 1pm

Te Pāti Māori to receive ‘Dawn Raids’ Petition on Parliament steps at 1pm - Click to read more
23 Jun 2021
At 1pm this afternoon Te Paati Māori Co-Leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer will be receiving the petition of Josiah Tualamali’i and Benji Timu, ‘Apologise for the ‘Dawn Raids’ and enable education in Aotearoa about them’, on the steps of Parliament. The petition asks that New Zealand formally acknowledge and reflect on the impacts of the historic ‘Dawn Raids’ policies. Te Pāti Māori support this call to further promote education and understanding about the impacts of the Dawn Raids. After a request put forward by Debbie Ngarewa-Packer to the Business Committee yesterday, it was decided that on Thursday the 1st of July, a special debate on the Dawn Raids will be set down for 1 hour, after oral questions, in the New Zealand House of Parliament. “The 50 year anniversary of the Polynesian Panther Party marks a time of reflection for Aotearoa” said Debbie Ngarewa-Packer. “The 1970s was a dark period of our history and for tangata moana in Aotearoa. As tangata whenua we have been clear about our support for their fight for liberation. “We stand in solidarity with the Pacific community and our shared experiences of historic mistreatment, profiling and discrimination by the NZ Police” said Mrs Ngarewa-Packer. “The government apology is one thing, but where to from here? As tangata moana and tangata whenua we must unite, it is the moana that connects us. We have an obligation as tangata whenua to look after our relations, it’s a matter of manaaki, because that’s what whanaunga do” said Te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi. “Te Paati Māori acknowledge the hugely significant community and grass-roots work of the Polynesian Panthers, exemplifying peaceful strike and protest action in their activism,” said Mr Waititi. [ENDS] Media contact:Himiona Grace, 021 861 051 Authorised by Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and Rawiri Waititi, Parliament Buildings, Wellington
Te Pāti Māori call for joint taskforce to investigate anti-Māori hate speech from white supremacist organisations preview image

Te Pāti Māori call for joint taskforce to investigate anti-Māori hate speech from white supremacist organisations

Te Pāti Māori call for joint taskforce to investigate anti-Māori hate speech from white supremacist organisations - Click to read more
06 Jun 2021
Te Pāti Māori call for joint taskforce to investigate anti-Maori hate speech from white supremacist organisationsTe Pāti Māori co-leaders Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and Rawiri Waititi are calling for the establishment of a joint taskforce between the NZ Security Intelligence Service and the NZ Police to investigate the specific targeting of Māori by right wing extremist groups. “We are experiencing an unprecedented increase in racist rhetoric across social media by white supremacist organisations that is inciting hate speech and violence against tangata whenua” says Debbie Ngarewa-Packer. “Our own research tells us that these organisations are recruiting followers and becoming smarter in the ways they mobilise their platforms. This makes them more difficult to investigate and more dangerous “We are acutely aware of the National Security indicators that capture specific data about white supremacists organisations and their behaviours and nowhere are there specific indicators that capture terrorism or hate speech against Maori. We need to do better than that” said Ngarewa-Packer. “Tangata Whenua are on the rise and we are expecting for racists to come out harder and stronger and this is why we believe it is the Government’s responsibility to dedicate resource towards the protection of the indigenous people of their country” said Rawiri Waititi “Protecting our whakapapa is our priority. We need to protect our people from being the target of racially motivated violence and we also need to protect them from the outcome of their potential retaliation from such threats. “Yesterday we met with the Minister of National Security, Andrew Little and his executives to put forward our concerns and request the establishment of a joint taskforce. Whilst there was no formal commitment, we were pleased with their swift response and their commitment to engage further with us on these matters” said Ngarewa-Packer “We are yet to meet with the Minister of Police and Police Commissioner but hope to do so in the coming days “If we have learnt anything from the Christchurch massacre, it is that it only takes one delusional person with some extreme views about their superiority to wipe out whakapapa” said Waititi “We are not about to let that happen to our people and we will continue to push this kaupapa until we are satisfied we are being taken seriously and that all the prevention and protection mechanisms are being put in place to mitigate the risk”. [ENDS] Media contact:Kiri Tamihere-Waititi, 027 252 5681 Authorised by Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and Rawiri Waititi, Parliament Buildings, Wellington
Te Paati Māori calling out government for side-stepping racism question preview image

Te Paati Māori calling out government for side-stepping racism question

Te Paati Māori calling out government for side-stepping racism question - Click to read more
05 May 2021
Te Paati Māori Co-Leader, Rawiri Waititi, today calls out the Government for side-stepping his question to the Prime Minister on racism. This morning a question was lodged to the Prime Minister that asked, “Does she agree that when her Minister of Maori Development claimed ‘in every area of New Zealand society, we have institutional racism’ - that her government and government departments are included in that statement?” said Waititi. “I was told the question would be directed to the Minister of Maori Development’ Office and the wording needed to change, quite frankly that isn’t good enough.” “What we see in the institution of Parliament is a blatant misuse of the powers in the house to scew narratives and dodge the hard questions,” said the Waiariki MP. “I want to know on behalf of my people, from the head of Government, whether she believes her Government and it’s departments are included in the statement made by her minister.” “It is an insult to pass the buck and roll out a brown face to answer a question that is clearly marked for the Prime Minister. Its an insult to Mr. Jackson, to me and to Māori.” “I don’t want to know WIllie Jackson’s opinion. I want to know Prime Minister Jacinda Aderns’ opinion.” “This is another form of censorship, much like the watering down of the motion to declare Uyghur Genocide. This place is riddled with rules that actively silence our voice.” “Until the Government can admit and accept that racism exists within the very walls of Parliament and within their ranks of Government, my people will continue to suffer.” “I’m sick and tired of the term unconscious bias being bandied about to soothe Pākeha fragility of the issue.” “Our people deserve to know if there is racism in the Government and Government departments and we deserve to see an adequate plan about what they will be doing to stop racism against tangata whenua, how that plan will be measured and by whom.” [ENDS] Media Contact:Keanu Flavell ([email protected] , +(64) 211 692 435)
Rawiri Waititi: “Rotorua Council Needs To Clean It’s Shit Up”, After Ngapuna Sewerage Catastrophe preview image

Rawiri Waititi: “Rotorua Council Needs To Clean It’s Shit Up”, After Ngapuna Sewerage Catastrophe

Rawiri Waititi: “Rotorua Council Needs To Clean It’s Shit Up”, After Ngapuna Sewerage Catastrophe - Click to read more
11 Apr 2021
This week MP for Waiariki, Rawiri Waititi was invited to attend a community hui at Hurungaterangi Marae in Ngapuna, Rotorua - where locals spoke of the physical and psychological suffering they are experiencing, caused by faulty sewerage plant infrastructure in their backyard. “I smelt the problem before I got out of the car”, said Waititi. “The neighbourhood literally smelt like shit. The sewerage pump at the plant was broken and the pipes are too old causing leaks everywhere.” “The smell is foul and is making the people physically sick. Their sewage systems are exploding and wastewater is being discharged into the Puarenga stream; their ancestral waters. Also, in heavy rain, the incompetent sewerage system means that sewerage overflows onto their properties. This has happened despite previous patch up jobs” “I understand the Council has said that the issues have been resolved. Well they haven’t been. They’ve patched the job up, yes, but how enduring is this patch up? What is the long-term plan to prevent this from happening again? The fact that the water issues are fixed for the meantime, ignores the wider issues here,” said the Waiariki MP which includes Rotorua. “The Council are not listening to mana whenua and they have had enough. They’ve been constantly fighting this battle since the 1960’s and it rears its head every decade or so and still nothing of substance has ever been done. They have been doing patch up jobs on this sewerage plant since it was established and they end up back at square one; shit in their backyards” “Ngapuna want a long-term plan that they are involved in. They want the Council to appoint a delegate to remain in constant consultation and contact with the Hapū because they deserve more transparency. We want the old pipes replaced (not patched up) and pumps fixed immediately. Ultimately, the Ngapuna community want the plant and pipes removed and that needs to be incorporated into the city’s long-term plan which is being developed now.” “Until these matters have been addressed, there is no resolution to the water issues just a patch up job” said Waititi. “This is no different to what the Tauranga Moana people are experiencing in Whareroa. A small Māori community being invaded by industries; alienating indigenous peoples from their land with their toxic chemicals and the Councils are allowing it to happen” “If this was a Pākeha community, or a rich one, the issue would be fixed straight away and a complete overhaul on the system would be in play. In fact, if it was a Pākeha community, the plant wouldn’t have been put there in the first place” “It is about the health and wellbeing of the community. It is about equality. It is about honouring the Fenton Agreement. The Council’s negligence coupled with their disregard for the severity of this issue is concerning and they need to act on a long-term solution now” “More than that though, it’s about honouring Hurungaterangi’s ancestral links to their lands, to their waters, their whakapapa, and supporting them to remain connected to their whenua, their way” [ENDS] Media Contact:Keanu Flavell ([email protected] , +(64) 211 692 435) Authorised by R Waititi, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn.
Māori Party: Waikeria Protestors To File Civil Rights Cases preview image

Māori Party: Waikeria Protestors To File Civil Rights Cases

Māori Party: Waikeria Protestors To File Civil Rights Cases - Click to read more
31 Mar 2021
“The 16 of Waikeria will tell their stories of the inhumane treatment to the High Court and the Waitangi Tribunal,” said Rawiri Waititi, Co-Leader of Te Paati Māori. This comes as the 16-prisoners involved in the Waikeria protest, have each filed a claim in the High Court in Wellington against the Attorney-General and the Chief Executive of Corrections for breaches of their civil rights, the Treaty of Waitangi, the Corrections Act 2004, and the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (the Nelson Mandela Rules) 2015. Fourteen of these prisoners who are Māori have also filed claims against the Crown in the Waitangi Tribunal. “The facts will show that the prisoners have been treated inhumanely and with extreme cruelty by Corrections’ staff. For months, the men had been denied the right to complain about their conditions because staff would not give them the standard PCO1 complaint forms” said Waititi. “Their water was brown and didn’t meet New Zealand’s minimum drinking water standards, the building was full of asbestos and we understand it had been condemned.” “When the men asked for clean sheets and towels, they were ignored. Some went for six months without being provided with clean bedding.” “The men were required to wash their clothing under the one shower in the yard that they shared with 20 others.” “Some had been subjected to serious violence, and all have been subjected daily to degrading and racist treatment,” said the MP for Waiariki. “A nation is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable. Our prisoners are one of our most vulnerable communities. It’s time that Aotearoa faces up to the fact that our human rights record is shocking, particularly when it comes to dealing with Māori.” “This is why Te Paati Māori is supporting these men in their efforts to ask the High Court and the Waitangi Tribunal to look into prison conditions. Their brave efforts in taking this litigation will benefit all New Zealanders, Māori and non-Māori” said Waititi. “Both the Human Rights Commissioner and the Ombudsman have in the past issued scathing reports about Corrections’ violations of the law, yet nothing has been done.” “Most of the men who were involved in the protest are currently being held in 23-hour solitary confinement. The United Nations Mandela Rules prohibit solitary confinement for more than 15 days. These men have been held like this for three months now.” “We are no longer living in the dark ages. We should now understand that violence and bullying will only begat more violence and bullying. This treatment is disgusting and is the reason and purpose of the United Nations Convention against Torture.” “The time for change is now and Te Paati Māori is urging Aotearoa to get involved in the war against inhumanity that has seen New Zealand sink to new depths in its disgraceful statistics in areas of youth suicide, mental health, domestic violence, and Māori imprisonment,” Waititi concluded. [ENDS] Media Contact:Keanu Flavell, +64 211 692 435, [email protected]