Get Involved

Our movement survives on the support and mobilisation of our people; people like you. There are four ways you can get involved in our movement;

  1. Sign up
    You can sign up to our database and receive regular updates via email from our team.

  2. Become a member
    You can become a financial member of the Party by paying a small koha ($5 minimum) per year. You may with to contribute more. Financial membership allows you to vote at Electorate and Party related kaupapa. If you sign up as a financial member, your membership will automatically renew every year at the same fee you chose to contribute when you first signed up.

  3. Koha
    You can donate (koha) to the kaupapa without signing up or becoming a member.

  4. Volunteer
    You can volunteer your skills and your time to our movement in any way you feel that you can.