Govt commits Rotorua to a Fast Track to Greater Homelessness

Mema Paremata mō te Waiariki, Rawiri Waititi, says the government is subscribing the Rotorua Housing Crisis to a privatisation fast-track. The comments come after 100-homes have been placed on hold whilst Kāinga Ora conduct a review.

“With a quick text message to one of their rich mates, this government has ensured that safe and affordable housing will remain out of reach for our most vulnerable whānau in Rotorua,” said MP for Waiariki, Rawiri Waititi.

“The Minister for Housing should be ashamed of himself for ordering his former National colleague to write a damning report on Kāinga Ora based on dodgy evidence. This is a fast track to privatisation, houselessness and homelessness.

“What we are seeing in Rotorua is the real-world-impact of this biased report which commands this government to palm off responsibility to house our vulnerable. More of our whānau will end up homeless as a result of privatisation. They are letting business shape housing strategy.

“The Prime Minister has said time and again that the government is working to increase the supply of housing. This news shows they are full of it - actions speak louder than words.

“If this government were serious about solving the housing crisis, they would commit to building more homes than the last lot, not less.

“This government cares more about their voter base of rich landlords than they do about the people who are actually struggling.

“They made a choice to give landlords $3 billion, and they are making a choice to build less social housing to wash their hands of the responsibility of ensuring every New Zealander is homed, fed and healthy.”