Select Committee Hearings Prove Racist Motives Behind Govt Removal of Māori Wards.

This week the Justice Select Committee has heard numerous submissions on the removal of Māori Wards.

“I am feeling invigorated by the powerful oral submissions that I have heard throughout the week.” Said Local Government spokesperson, Mariameno Kapa-Kingi.

“People from all facets of life: whānau Māori, whānau Pākehā, rangatahi, kaumātua, marae, academics, they all came together to object to this Bill from their own realities, from their own perspectives.”

"We have had local government for nearly 140 years, yet Māori Wards have not been able to reach beyond a three-year mark without threat of removal. When will government learn that Māori always remember when the Crown Acts in bad faith."

"Government has neither the time nor the expertise to manage local Māori issues. This management must remain with local councils and with Māori communities as exercised through Māori Wards”.

"I am deeply concerned for the well-being of whānau Māori who are now subject to further racism incited by discourse relating to the removal of only Māori wards."

"The removal of Māori Wards serves as a reminder that it makes no difference to government where Māori are placed so long as it is never beside them."

"A lack of education inspires a lack of understanding and by extension creates fear. The removal of Māori Wards is a result of government fear for Māori, stemming from their lack of education and understanding for us.”

“Government committee members were noticeably embarrassed to be confronted by the thoughtful and truthful submissions put to them by Māori, Pākehā, and Tauiwi from all walks of life. They know that they are on the wrong side of history.” 

“Our allies were clear, they were accurate, and they challenged the prejudices and the racism that so obviously informed this Bill.” 

"Once again the government is abusing their power, showing ignorance to the submissions of more than 7,000 people, and will forge ahead because of their conceited arrogance and racism.”