Te Pāti Māori request urgent debate to stop dictatorship government

Te Pāti Māori has this morning written to the speaker of the house requesting an urgent debate around the use and abuse of urgency to expedite the progression of its agenda, including the disestablishment of the Māori health authority.

“The governments use and abuse of urgency has created a dictatorship in what should be a Tiriti-led democratic state,” said co-leader, Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.

“The Executive has destroyed public, judicial and legislative oversight and participation. Urgency has been used in every sitting week of the 2024 sitting year - it is an abuse of government’s power.

“We have seen urgency used to abolish three waters legislation, workers’ rights including fair-pay agreements, 90-day trials, and section 27 cultural reports.

“Urgency deprives both legislators and the public of adequate time for scrutiny and deliberation on significant legislative measures such as the disestablishment of the Māori Health Authority and abolishment of Smokefree legislation.

“In addition, a pre-dated hearing had been scheduled by the Waitangi Tribunal into the disestablishment of Te Aka Whai Ora. Tabling of the bill ahead of the hearing defeats judicial scrutiny.”

“This is an intentional approach adopted by the government to ram-raid public, judicial and legislative participation,” said co-leader, Rawiri Waititi.

“Such a debate would provide an opportunity for representatives from all parties to voice their concerns, and ultimately ensure that legislative processes remain fair, inclusive, and respectful of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and democracy.

“Te Pāti Māori await the speakers response. Our oranga and health demands that he will schedule an urgent debate on the use and abuse of urgency,” concluded Waititi.